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Super Saver Rules

The SuperSaver Card is a FREE customer loyalty card available at all Fiesta Foods Locations.

Ask for your SuperSaver Card from any cashier or The Customer Service Counter.

Present your SuperSaver Card to the cashier BEFORE your items are rung up at the register.

For each $7.67 of groceries you buy, you will receive 1 point. Points accumulated will show on each receipt.

Points are NOT given for tobacco, alcohol, phone card purchases or any customer service transactions, ie. money orders, utility bill payments, etc.

After receiving 15 points, the register automatically prints off a SuperSaver Coupon.

You have 60 days from the date of receiving the coupon to redeem it for The SuperSaver Item of the week. Keep in mind, the receipts are heat sensitive, so DO NOT leave the receipt in direct sunlight or near any heat source.

To redeem your SuperSaver Coupon, present your coupon to the cashier BEFORE your items are rung up at the register. After doing this, the SuperSaver Item of the week will automatically ring up for one penny.

The SuperSaver Item changes weekly, beginning Wednesday, ending Tuesday.

Lost SuperSaver Coupons will not be replaced.

Any discrepencies concerning The SuperSaver Card, SuperSaver Coupons or SuperSaver Item of the week will be settled by Fiesta Foods Management.

Fiesta Foods holds the option to cancel The SuperSaver Card program at any time without notice. In this event, any outstanding SuperSaver Coupons will be void.


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